regulations for use and access

library and archive of the Rafael Alberti Foundation.

        For a smooth course in library and archive, we ask our visitors to cooperate and comply with the following rules:

         First: The application for access to the library is effected by filling in the form. The researchers are asked to indicate the material needed at least ten days in advance. It is possible that some of the documents are not available for immediate insight, in this case we inform you in sufficient advance.

         Second: With arrival of your application, the Rafael Alberti Foundation will confirm the date and time of your visit.

         Third: Neither the library nor the archive of the foundation offer lending of their stocks, which must be viewed in the indicated rooms.

         Fourth: It is not allowed to copy the foundation´s pictures and photographs or the ordered material without explicit authoritation.

         Fifth: The Rafael Alberti Foundation does not own the copyright of its stocks, and thus cannot give permission for their publications or quotations, which lies in the responsibility of the researcher or editor.

         Sixth: damage, theft or partial or complete removal of material demands compensation for its restauration or replacement. In this case, no further visits are permitted.

         Seventh: Of all publications, two copies are retained in the foundation´s library.



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