Fundación Rafael Alberti
C/ Santo Domingo, 25
11500 El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz

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      The headquarters of the Rafael Alberti Foundation is located in El Puerto de Santa María, in a white and light-filled house of three floors, in a simple and typically Andalusian construction in which the poet lived as a child. There we can find some mementos from his childhood, as well as the donation he and his first wife, María Teresa León, made his home town in 1978, and also some new contributions which arrive every day to complete the intense biography and work of Rafael Alberti.

      The foundation´s main work as a cultural institution, consists of caring for Alberti’s legacy, encuraging research in this subject and promoting it, as well as remembering the importance of the “Generation of ‘27” in the Spanish Literature of the twentieth century – being Alberti one of its most outstanding members – and the bonds of the dear friendship that united these poets throughout their whole lives. Apart from this constant task, it is also important to keep alive the significance of Rafael Alberti´s name during the events of our most recent history, in order to avoid that his person loses importance in the course of time. Rafael Alberti is one of the most outstanding, questing and attractive personalities that have gone through the literary, social and political history of Spain for nearly a century. Because of his intellectual commitment in the defence of liberty, he will always be an alive example for the youths of any time.

      The Rafael Alberti Foundation is always open to poetry, which has been evident since it was created in 1993. One of its main purposes consists in spreading poetry and promoting the interest for it. We can witness this in all the activities taking place in the foundation. The attraction of Rafael Alberti´s personality and work among the younger generations becomes evident in Poesía Última, the foundation´s annual invitation in spring, where the youngest poets, coming from very different places of Spain, find an open lyric platform on which they can show their verses and explain their own poetics.


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