complete works of Rafael Alberti

        So far, all attempts to edit the complete works of Rafael Alberti were premature, generally incomplete, resricted to the poetry, and mentioned only marginally the other essentially important genres. Alberti, above all a poet, and one who is to be counted among the great, renewed decisive aspects of the Spanish avant-garde theatre. During his exile, he put on stage intense memories of the Spain he had lost, endeavoured successfully a revival of the classics, and created a memoriographical work of unique importance for the profound knowlede of the recently concluded twentieth century. In coincidence with the hundredth anniversary of Rafael Alberti, the publishing house Seix-Barral and the Sociedad de Commemoraciones Culturales (Society for Cultural Commemoration) united their efforts to publish a critique edition of his complete works, with countless, only recently discovered written testimonies and all presently accessible manuscripts.

        The inclusion of material of high importance has, in some respects, committed the experts to dwell on aspects which were little or not at all taken into consideration by the present critique. Furthermore, the variant apparatus has been maximized to its greatest possible extension and added with useful annotations, as well as a complete inclusion of the evolution, character and history of the original documents of each volume. The director of this project is Pere Gimferrer, the edition of each of these eight volumes is coordinated by Gonzalo Santonja. The edition is carried out by exellent researchers, specialized in the poet's work, who harmonize their methodological rigour with the high quality and unique character of the art.

Poesía I
Edición de Jaime Siles
Poesía II
Edición de Robert Marrast
Poesía III
Edición de Jaime Siles
Poesía IV
Edición de José María Balcells
Prosa I
Edición de Robert Marrast
Prosa II Memorias
Edición de Robert Marrast
Teatro I
Edición de Eladio Mateos
Teatro II
Edición de Ricard Salvat

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